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The system we created needs your time to insure we won’t waste your money. Bring your vehicle on a set date between 7 and 9am for a complete diagnostic and full inspection to enable us to provide you with an accurate estimate. If you think we are “crazy”, you are free to reject the quote at no cost.

Vehicle Service

Adding value to your vehicle.

Oil Service

Our standard oil service includes:
Oil Filter
Oil Change

Major Service

Our standard major service includes:
Pollen Filter
Air Filter
Fuel Filter
Oil Filter
Oil Change
Spark Plugs

Problem Solving

Engine problems
Transmission Problems
Suspension Problems
Oil Leaks
Water Leaks
We do diagnostic on "funny" sounds

What you see is what you get.

Our workshop is our pride. We are proud to service your vehicle!

Service Checklist


Check for smoking.
Check for abnormal noises.
Check idle quality.
Check oil leaks.


Check operation.
Check for abnormal noises.
Check for oil leaks.
Check for operation of transfer box where applicable.


Check for noises.
Check for oil leaks.
Check front drive assembly where applicable.

Drive line/Drive shafts

Check operation.
Check for abnormal noise.

Air conditioner

Check for operation of A/C and cooling.
Check for abnormal compressor noises.

Clutch & Wheel bearings

Check for abnormal noises.


Check operation of starter motor.
Check operation of alternator.
Check operation of wiper motor front and rear.
Check operation of electric window lifters.


Check operation of braking system.
Check for fluid leaks.

Fuel system

Check for fuel system leaks.
Check for abnormal noise from fuel pump.


Check steering assembly for damage.
Check for excessive steering play.
Check suspension joints for wear or damage.

Cooling system

Check for cooling system leaks.
Check for abnormal noise from water pump.
Check condition of radiator.

Vehicle history

Has the vehicle been modified in any way?

Trading hours

Monday -Friday: 07:00 – 17:00

Saturday: 08:00 – 14:00

Sundays: Closed

We can help!

Please call one of our service advisors Sholize or Demacuis.